Collaborations Between ISHA and other bodies

Student Bodies


The student Union and ISHA collaborate and communicate over issues of importance to student health.  Contact:

Student Affairs Ireland - SAI

SAI’s vision is to lead the community of student affairs professionals in Ireland and support the holistic development of students as part of their educational experience.

ISHA has a representative on the board, the current rep is Dr Clare Kelly.


Student Affairs Ireland – Supporting Student Affairs Professionals in Ireland

SAI Summer Seminars 2021. Workshops will be delivered on the 15th – 16th – 17th June 2021. SAI AGM 12.30PM 16th June 2021 – Register to Attend


Higher Education Authority  Contact:


Irish Universities Association.  Contact:

Health Matters App

Student Health Matters App – on line reliable medical information for student population from ISHA


National Women's Council of Ireland

ISHA collaborates with the National Women's Council over issues relating to women's rights, sexual consent and women's health.  Contact:

Sexual Health

STI Testing

ISHA also Collaborates with HSE to faciliate home testing for STI's

Other Organisations


Irish college of General Practitioners and ISHA collaborate on educational events and resources


Alcohol Health Alliance Ireland.  ISHA joins with the AHAI. 


ISHA links with the British Student Health Assosciation Delegates regularly attend each other conferences. The partnership between the two organisations goes back many years and very close bonds have formed between the two organisations.  Contact: