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This site provides a forum for disseminating information and promoting discussion amongst those involved in the specialist field of healthcare provision for students in 3rd level education in Ireland.

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UK Student Health Association Annual Conference 2019
The 71st Annual Conference of the UK Student Health Association took place at Sheffield University from 30th June- 3rd July 2019. An extremely well organised event with a wide variety of visiting speakers and educational workshops, the conference attracted members from all over the UK and some delegates who attended even travelled from as far away as New Zealand. The Irish Student Health Association was represented and had two of its members present. » read more
IT Carlow Student Medical Centre 'Smokeless Campus' Project shortlisted for 2019 Irish Healthcare Centre Awards, Nursing Project of the Year.
IT Carlow Student Medical Centre, and Nurse Theresa Lowry-Lehnen, have received deserved recognition of the excellent 'Smokeless Campus' Smoking Cessation initiative, with it being shortlisted for this year's 2019 Irish Healthcare Centre Awards, Nursing Project of the Year. The project, which had a very significant positive impact, was displayed as a poster presentation at the ISHA 2019 Conference and was also published in medical and nursing journals in recent months. » read more
Easing the Economic Burden of Asthma
New research published by the Asthma Society of Ireland, confirms the enormity of the asthma burden. Annual national economic burden of asthma = €472M In 2017: 2.4 million GP and 625,000 Practice Nurse asthma consultations 421,000 Specialist and 133,000 Emergency Department visits 8,000 hospital admissions Implementation of an asthma self-management programme could reduce asthma hospitalisations by up to 50% and could potentially save €102 million » read more
Gastroenterology CPD Module on Crohn's Disease
A recent article on Crohn's Disease, authored by Theresa Lowry-Lehnen, Clinical Nurse Practitioner & Associate Lecturer at Institute of Technology Carlow, and ISHA Assistant PRO, has been incorporated into a new online CPD Module/Tutorial. This module discusses the clinical presentation and the main types of Crohn's disease. It also addresses the diagnosis, treatment and management of this emotionally challenging and physically debilitating disease. » read more
Men’s Health Week on KCLR Live with Nurse Theresa Lowry Lehnen
The recent Men's Health Week, which finished just last Friday, was wrapped up with a great Podcast on KCLR Live from our own assistant PRO, Theresa Lowry-Lehnen, in which she highlighted and sought to raise awareness on a wide variety of men's health issues. » read more
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