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The Student Health Matters app has been credited as App of the Day by Download Astro, who have over 10 million monthly visits from users to their site.

Created in partnership with the Irish Student Health Association and Expert Self Care, the Student Health Matters app provides evidence based, safe and reliable health information, and is the first of its kind resource for 3rd level students in Ireland.

The Student Health Matters app and eBook content was written and produced by Theresa Lowry Lehnen (Project Lead and Lead Author) Nurse Practitioner and Associate Lecturer at Institute of Technology Carlow and the concept was proposed by Laura Tully, Institute Nurse at Athlone IT. Dr Knut Schroeder, GP and Senior Clinical Lecturer at Bristol University and founder of Expert Self Care, developed the Student Health Matters app on behalf of the Irish Student Health Association.

The ISHA Student Health Matters App and eBook provide:

Information and advice on healthy lifestyles - including education and health promotion advice on healthy lifestyles, diet, nutrition, exercise, dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking, and the importance of vaccination and screening

Health A-Z - links to the HSE database of over 600 medical conditions and treatments

General health advice - how to detect and manage common physical and mental health problems

Key information – on sexual health, contraception, my options and consent

Self-care with confidence - how to look after your health, respond to emergencies and self-care for minor illnesses

National and local support– useful info and links on where to get medical help and advice, all in one place

Local support – information, contact details and links to the specific health and medical services available at your College

The Student Health Matters App is available for iPhone and Android devices and is free to download through the App Store and Google Play.

iPhone App Store: 

Google Play Store Android

The Irish Student Health Association are honoured that the Student Health Matters app has been credited as App of the Day.

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