Sexual Health Centre Strategic Plan 2019-2023 (Sexual Health Centre Cork)

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The Sexual Health Centre strategic plan is an ambitious vision for the work and service of staff, volunteers and partners of the organisation for the next five years.
The strategic plan is the culmination of a number of research projects, including a review of the most pertinent literature in the area of sexual health, well-being and relationships, one-on-one interviews with 18 stakeholders, including staff, interviews with 24 service users in addition to an analysis of the past five years of service delivery within the Sexual Health Centre.
There is a growing awareness for the need for good quality and informative sexual health services for people in Ireland. This strategic plan provides the framework to deliver the sexual health service requirements of a growing Cork population, including providing high quality, professional and inclusive services on relationships, wellbeing, HIV and sexual health as well as removing barriers to support services while making screening and reproductive health support opportunities more accessible.

Goal 1: To effectively govern the Sexual Health Centre so that we can efficiently and effectively respond to the needs of the community.

Goal 2: To deliver high quality, inclusive, client-focused wellbeing, relationship, HIV, sexual health and pregnancy services to every member of the community.

Goal 3: To reduce barriers to accessing sexual health services in the community setting.

Goal 4: To provide accessible, inclusive and equitable screening and sexual health service opportunities for all individuals in society.

Goal 5: To support all individuals in society in relation to crisis and unplanned pregnancies, sexual dysfunction, sexual addiction, porn addiction, sexuality, healthy relationships and HIV.



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Sexual Health Centre Strategic Plan 2019-2023