Launch of the new BASHH Standards for the Management of STIs April 2019

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'Launch of the new BASHH Standards for the Management of STIs April 2019' image

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) has published updated Standards (April, 2019) for the management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The standards have been updated in order to support commissioners and providers in achieving high quality sexual health services for the populations they serve. The updated standards effectively replace the standards for the management of STIs published jointly by BASHH and MEDFASH in 2014.

Representing current best practice, these new standards are intended for use in all services commissioned by local authorities or the NHS, including those provided by the independent and third sectors. The standards are also strongly recommended for use in independent services not commissioned by the public sector. While they are written to be applicable to the commissioning system in England, their clinical recommendations are relevant for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The document contains nine individual standards that contextualise current guidance and cover all aspects of the management of STIs. These standards cover the areas of: access; clinical assessment; diagnostics; clinical management; information governance; clinical governance; appropriately trained staff; links to other services; and patient and public engagement.

To ensure alignment with the NICE Quality Standard for Sexual Health, each individual standard within the document contains: a quality statement; quality measures; quality standards; implications for commissioners, service providers, healthcare professionals and non-registered healthcare workers and people with needs relating to STIs; supporting information and references.

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