Group Emailing

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An email discussion group for the ISHA has been established. A mailing list (or electronic discussion list) is a list of people's names and email addresses. Everyone on the list shares a common interest and they use email to talk to each other. Belonging to a list is rather like sitting in on a discussion. You can join in the talk, start a discussion, or simply listen.

A list can serve a variety of purposes. It may be used to discuss work with other academics, share news, collaborate on projects and publications, announce conferences, arrange meetings or just to keep in touch with colleagues in your subject area.

The group name is irishstudenthealth.
The group homepage is

The group email is

This is a members only group so it is not open to the public and each member will be individually invited to join. When you post a mesage or query it will be automatically sent to each member of the group. Likewise any replies posted will also be sent to each member. These messages will be archived for ease of reference later. This will hopefully be a useful link between all members of our disparate group and be used to share clinical information and queries.
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Dr Aoife O Sullivan