COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Health Professionals. Updates 28/12/'20

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Information for Vaccinators

Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland - Chapter 5A - COVID-19 from the National Immunisation Advisory Committee

Medicine Protocol for Comirnaty (PfizerBioNTech) COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine 24th December 2020

Anaphylaxis Management April 2019

Clinical Guidance COVID-19 Vaccination Version 1.0 28th December 2020

SOP - Management of Comirnaty COVID-19 Vaccine guidance at local hubs Version 1.0 28th December 2020

Pre-Intra-Post Covid Vaccination Clinic Checklist Version 1.0 28th December 2020

Preparing Comirnaty (PfizerBioNTech) COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Version 1.0 28th December 2020


Information from the European Medicines Agency

Information from the World Health Organization

COVID-19 vaccines

Full details available at HSE NIO at: